Rules for Responsible Internet Use

The school has installed computers that allow Internet access to help with our learning.

These rules will keep you safe and help us be fair to others.

I will only use the Internet when I have been given permission

I will not open other children’s files

I will use the computers only for schoolwork and homework

I will not bring in floppy disks or CDRoms from outside school

I will not send an E-mail to anyone until my teacher has approved it

Any messages I send will be polite and responsible

I will not give out my surname, home address, telephone number, or any other information about myself or my family

I will let a teacher know if I find any unpleasant pictures or writing. What I tell the teacher will be in confidence

I understand that the school will from time to time check the computer files, and may watch me while I visit Internet sites or monitor sites I have visited



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