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Word Information Sheets       Excel Information Sheets

General Software Information Sheets

General Software Screen Shot Information Sheets

Links       School Internet Access Policy


Word Information Sheets

Opening/Saving Work

Creating a table

Excel Information Sheets

 Spreadsheet Basic Instructions

General software - Information Sheets

Information Workshop 2000 - Teachers Notes

Information Workshop 2000 - Year 5 and 6 notes.

General software - Screen shot Information Sheets

Maths Explorer - Key Stage 2

Mission Control - Key Stage 2

Music Box - Key Stage 1 or 2

Phonic World Builder - Key Stage 1 or 2

Word Work 


TWIYO - Notts AIS ICT Team -Useful links and resources

BECTa - British Educational Communications & Technology agency
Devon Curriculum Service - ICT
Bolton ICT Centre
Educational Software Database
Helpanswers.com (computer knowledge)
ICT (Virtual Teachers Centre)
ICT Coordinator
ICT Ideas KS1
New Opportunities Fund (NOF)
Primary ICT - schemes of work
Quality Start (Sandwell ICT)
Whatis.com (computer dictionary)
Roamer activities
Data Logging Ideas
Digital Education Network
BBC - Computers don't bite!
BBC - Webwise 
How Stuff Works
Lesson Ideas for using ICT in class
Using E-Mail


School Internet Access Policy

Internet Access Policy

Internet and E-Mail Letter to Parents

Rules for Responsible Internet Use