Croft Primary School

Croft Primary School
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Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent and Rationale


Croft Primary School is a large, local maintained Primary School with 410 pupils on roll. The school is located in the heart of the community of Sutton-in-Ashfield. The school has two buildings. The main part of school is situated on the edge of a busy main road. However, the newer part of the school site backs on to the lovely Lawn Pleasure Grounds, which is not only a beautiful, tranquil area, but a great learning resource.


At Croft Primary School our priority is to design and implement a curriculum that is best suited to our pupils’ needs. This means providing them with a fully inclusive curriculum, which has both breadth and depth, that is highly relevant and purposeful, exciting for both staff and pupils, and that will develop a real passion for learning. It will also broaden our pupils’ outlook and views by promoting global dimensions, as well as raising their aspirations.

We aim to offer challenging and inspiring learning opportunities, highlighting human creativity and achievement. We strive to help our pupils realise the full potential they have to achieve and succeed, not just at school, but as educated citizens within their own community and on a wider global scale. We want our curriculum to enable our pupils to become more independent learners, who are able to make connections between new and existing learning.

We also want the pupils’ learning to be more ‘outward-facing’, enabling them to become well-rounded and happy individuals who not only care about themselves, but about others and the environment. The curriculum is designed to develop our school as a learning community, where knowledge and skills are accessible to every child, family and the wider community and everyone can apply their knowledge and skills appropriately.

Rationale for Implementation

We want our curriculum to be coherent, fun, rich in skills and knowledge and highly relevant. We want to inspire children, empower teachers and provide a platform for all pupils to reach their full potential.