Croft Primary School

Croft Primary School
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Our Staff

Members of staff – May 2023

Headteacher: Miss SA Seward


Foundation Teachers: Mrs S Hinchley and Mrs J Robinson

Foundation Stage Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Corden and Miss L Marriott

Year 1 Teachers: Mrs K Taylor and Miss R Morris

Year 1 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hemstock, Mrs A Gilbert and Miss J Sykes

Year 2 Teachers: Mrs R Teal and Mrs C Lekh

Year 2 Teaching Assistants: Mrs G Francis and Mrs D Holmes

Year 3 Teachers: Mr C Bonser and Miss V Thompson

Year 3 Teaching Assistants: Miss M Parker and Mrs D Hardy

Year 4 Teachers: Mr Williams and Miss Revell

Year 4 Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Henson

Year 5 Teachers: Mrs E Bartholomew and Mrs M Lewis

Year 5 Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Miller and Miss Lindsay Smith

Year 6 Teachers: Mrs Sharon Rookes and Ms Partlow

Year 6 Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Merry and Mrs D Bacon


Personal Care Assistant cover: Miss C Lamb

SENCO: Mrs J Nicholson


School Business Manager: Mrs S Bell

Administrative Assistants: Mrs J Fox, Mrs L Smith and Mrs S Grieves


Site Manager: Mr A Sargeant

Cleaners: Mrs J Ashmore, Mr M Caunt, Mrs T Wright and Miss D Chomiuk

Cook Supervisor: Mr M Elmer

Assistant Cook: Mrs K Radford, Mrs A Wilkinson, Ms N Moss

Playworker: Mrs A Bryan

Midday Supervisors: Mrs D Barksby, Mrs S Nunn, Mrs C Ride, Mrs D Charlesworth, Mrs J Davies, Mrs L Copson, Miss L Raffan, Miss V Sims, Miss R Hayes, Miss K Rhodes, Mrs J Croydon, Miss S Lawson, Mrs S Muskett, Mrs K Norman.