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Remote Learning

Welcome to our Remote Learning page. Here you will find access to a range of websites and resources which you can use to support your child with their learning, if they are currently not in school. 

Remote Learning Policy 2023

Remote Learning Home/School Agreement  


  1. To get the best from the online learning we provide, please help us by enabling your child to work in an environment which will maximize their concentration, ideally free from background noise, distractions and any inappropriate items or images in the background.


  1. As part of our safeguarding policy, an adult must supervise children at home during our online sessions.


Please ensure your child is properly dressed for online learning. Anyone considered to be dressed improperly will not be able to continue with the lesson.


  1. It is expected that normal classroom behaviour is demonstrated during online sessions. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in the session being with withdrawn.  


  1. The teachers are managing the learning in online sessions as they would in the classroom so it is expected children cooperate with instructions given. This includes keeping their microphones muted unless requested to take part. 


  1. As in any online messaging, pupil’s comments should always be polite, appropriate and related to the learning.



  1. Set work reflecting the termly curriculum outcomes as far as is practicable.
  2. Daily lessons to include a maths lesson, literacy lesson and at least two other subjects. 
  3. Work will be posted on the Google Classroom for Years 2 - 6, or Class Dojo or Tapestry platforms for EYFS and Y1 by 6:00pm of the day before the lesson. 


  1. Work posted will include a ‘model’ or explanation of the task which could be: a pre-recorded video, a link to an appropriate external video e.g. BBC Bitesize or White Rose Maths, a link to an external website, or a recorded or live broadcast from the teacher. 
  2. Teachers will upload/make available home-learning resources for children who are unexpectedly off school and ‘These will be posted by  6:00pm the evening before the second day of absence from school.
  3. Consideration be given to ensure that the curriculum remains broad and balanced – with provision for activities to promote well-being alongside academic learning.


Provide feedback on work:  will post work back to teachers on the Google Classroom for years 2 to 6 and Class Dojo portfolio/Tapestry platform for Y1 and EYFS

  1. Teachers will respond to/correct work so that the children’s misconceptions are addressed in line with the schools marking policy. This may be: teacher led plenary sessions, the provision of answer sheets or individual comments for example on English work. 
  2. Feedback should ideally be given to pupils by the end of the following school day.
  3. Teachers will not feedback on work submitted after 4:00pm until at least the next working day. 
  4. Initially contact parents in the even that they do not hear from a pupil. Pass any concerns to the Head teacher or Deputy Headteacher. 


  1. Work to the best of their ability
  2. Behave well and follow the school rules at all times
  3. Listen to and respect the views of others in our online school community
  4. Care for all the equipment provided to help them learn


This agreement may change as our approach to Blended Learning develop